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The history of TKE development

 2016£ºNew Industrial Dehumidifier using dessicant rotor was developed together with the customer

 2013:  Hornored with ¡°Private Science & Technology Enterprises¡±Award  again

 2013:  Room Heater with UV function was developed

 2012:  New Style Electric Fireplace was developed

 2010:  Hornored with ¡°Private Science & Technology Enterprises¡±Award

 2010:  The Association of Science & Technology was set up in Thinker.

 2009:  Hornored with ¡°Patent Pioneer Enterprise¡±Award by Dongguan City government.

 2009:  Convection type Room heater using infrared quartz tubes was developed

 2008:  Hornored with ¡°Patent Foster Enterprise¡±Award by Dongguan City government.

 2005:  Steam Station with pump was developed

 2004:  Steam iron with LCD was developed

 2003:  Hornored with ¡°Employee Satisfaction Enterprise¡±Award by Dongguan City government

 2001:  Coffee Maker was developed

 2000:  Milk Frother with special global working patent was developed together with customer

 2000:  Cord/cordless 2-in-1 Steam Iron was developed

 1999:  Cordless Steam Iron was developed

 1998:  Steam Iron was developed

 1997:  Electric Kettle was developed

 1997:  Thinker Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was set up